Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday September 2, 2004

Twila Paris - Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies and Peaceful Worship [Audio CD]
i love this CD.I think it was my mom who gave it
to me for Sierra.Truth be told,  I never listened  to it until bout 8 months pregnant.I was becoming nervous about giving birth and there was so much chaos in my environment about my health at the time that I became very afraid.
I found this CD on the shelf in the nursery and decided to give it a listen.I immediately became addicted to it.I had forgotten what an angelic voice Twila has and what a peace her heavenly gift brought me.
When it came time to be induced( a necessary evil my obgyn told me)I took the CD with me.The first night( I was induced twice!)my doc ordered that I be given a sleeping pill to help calm me and give me rest.I told her I wasn't cool with that idea-I'm a BIG no meds fan-.She insisted that she knew me and that I would never go to sleep on my own.Not true.I planned on getting my way on this.
At 8 pm my attending nurse came in to ask if I wanted that pill.I told her no despite what doc said.She seemed very kind and understood and told me she'd give me an hour to try on my own, then she'd be back with the drugs.
Anyone who really knows me knows that it takes me awhile to fall asleep anyway, but to add this pressure, a time limit and the whole giving birth for the first time thing....I was asking for trouble!I prayed for peace and God reminded of my CD tucked away in my suitcase.John got it for me and I was out cold and stress free within 10 minutes or so!PTL!!
I HIGHLY recomend this CD....even if you don't have kids!
I spent today with just my mom.It was really nice.WE took Sierra to the beach to feed the seagulls and played in the water.It's great that she is finally unafraid of the water.She waddled and squealed in excitement  at each warm wave and the naughty "boodies" that refused to share the bread crumbs we fed them.She came home and was immediately stripped bared to wash away the sand and salt, and she ended up splashing happily in the frigid hose water and proudly peeing on our front lawn!
I also took the time today to buy her her first 3 in 1 potty and the Cushy Tushy seat that attaches to the toilet.I know she is still very young, but it drives me crazy that all the babies we know are youngerthan Sierra and they are using the potty and walking wonerfully on their own and she isn't.i know babies develop differently, but Sierra is so smart and I just want her to stay on track developmentally and at least get accutomed to the potty.As far as wlkining goes, she walks on her own when she feels like it, but her primary mode of transportation is crawling or my hip!
i'm gonna wrap this up- I'm falling asleep while I type this!Goodnight everyone, and God bless!

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