Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday September 5, 2004

Today was so nice.We went to church as a family where Sierra lifted her habds during the praise and said hello anyone who'd wave back.I took her to the nursery where tere was a little boy screaming his head off.Sierra toddled over to him and handed him a fluffy toy she had picked out of the toybox, as if to say"Here.I feel the same way when my mommy leaves too."It both touched and broke my heart.
After church we came home since Sierra was out cold in her seat carseat, but ended up leaving again because John and I wanted to do something-ANYTHING other than sit at home and do nothing.We ran to Toys r'Us where I got Sierra a babydoll that she's been cradling all day, a purple cat with the softest fur on the planet and 4 hollow pencil shaped things that blow a ton of tiny bubbles that harden into a light plastic so that you can catch and collect them and they won't pop for like, 3 hours!(And they were a steal at .98 for 2!)
On the way I home I discovered I have a very light case of poison ivy on the inside of my left thigh and right knee!I have no idea how it got there.We have none in our yard and it wasn't there yesterday.Oh well.
I've been seriously considering getting a job at night.Nothing serious like when I used to work for the ARC, just something to make a little extra cash for me and Sierra to play with.Maryakay just isn't working for me anymre.If anyone reading this wants a consultant or knows anyone who may be interested, please tell them to email me, or you can contact me here and I'll contact them.I've determined in my heart that if this doesn't pick up by November, I'm quitting it all together and trusting God won't leave me begging for money when i need and want it.
Goodnight everyone.God bless- and feel free to join my blogring-Women of Purpose

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