Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday September 3, 2004

This was a good movie, at least I hought so at the time.It's about a 15 yr. old "Christian " choir singer who falls for the lines of the perverbial bad boy and ends up pregnant.Her family is totally disfunctional and though I know 15 year olds aren't exactly the most mature creatures on earth, this one has the brain of an 8 year old.
Anyhoo, I forgot to write earlier that Sierra used her potty!Actually, I bought a Sesame Street potty that turned out to be a bust for her, but she really likes the cushy tushy seat(that's seriously what it's called) with it's little yellow duckies and glow in the dark bubbles.She sat on it today around 12:15 pm and rehearsed the body parts she knows(ears, head,eyes,nose,teethies,kissy lips,tummy,belly button and stinky feet).When I got to her little ....I called it her "oonie"and explained that it is used to make a tinkles in the potty and if she does it right you hear the tinkles!She laughed and kept pulling at her belly button saying"oonie"-uh oh!I decided to help the process along by turning on the faucet so it made a little tinkling sound.
When that didn't work I gave her a sip of water and almost immediatly she went!Oh, the kisses were flowing and the praise was abundant.I was so proud, but at the same time it was almost a little sad to see my baby using the potty like a big girl.
First the potty, next I'll be showing her how to Nair her legs, then how to make the perfect London Broil for her husband, then...<gulp!>how to breathe during a contraction!Ok, i better stop before I end up senile in a retirement home!
Anyone reading this...I started a blogring called Women of Purpose.If you are interested in joining, check it out then drop me a line!
God bless you all until I write again.

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