Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday January 8, 2006

Hey everybody!
     I'm at my inlaws house visiting my husband's aunt.She's watching over the house while his parents are in Florida.Wow,  Brianna has changed so much in the past week.She's holding her right fist with her left hand so she can suck on her fingers.She has the most amazing smile deep set in the fullest cheeks!She even laughs!It starts out kinds sounding like Butthead but quickly turns into Webster!
     Most days I love being a mom, but it's been hard for a few weeks.Sierra has developed this fear of her bed.It started out she'd get up in the middle of the night and crawl under her sister's crib and fall asleep there.We made her a bed there but then soon she just wanted to sleep sprwled out on the floor.That quickly became "Mommy-Daddy, sleep with me!I come out now?I'm done sleeping!"Then just pure screaming and kicking the wall.
     After a few nights she told me there were monsters under her bed.i know this is a common childhood fear, but my MIL is the only person that has ever mentioned monsters in a scary context-i know this for a fact.And no, she hasn't seen anything scary on tv because she is strictly monitored to Playhouse Disney©,Cinderella® or Veggie Tales©.After a lot of struggling I bought her a Cinderella® tent for her room and made up a bed inside it and have been skipping her naps.She has 3 peaceful nights' sleep! YAY!!!We also moved our dog Crystal in with her for "protection".It's great because now with both girls asleep by 9pm, John and I have been having date nights watching The Lord of the Rings in the dark snuggled on the couch under a blanket!
     Anyway, gonna go now and check out some other sites since I never see the Internet anymore!Love ya and the Lord!

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