Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday May 21, 2005

Hey every1! i know. it's been a long while since I've written and so much has happened since the 20th.We went on vacation for a week on the 24th-a road trip down along the eastern's sad to say but even in my near 24 years of life as an American, I haven't seen the simplest states of my own country.Foreigners I've met can't understand this when they have seen their whole country and mine.But at any rate we saw ALOT of the southern states,stayed in cheap motels, played and were pampered in Disneyworld and finished up the trip by visiting my mom in WV.That was the worst!!I love her dearly, but what we went through to see is not my idea of a fun way to end a vacation.Picture it-mapquest loses us less then 5 miles from her house,driving around for 4 hours up and around mountains that just drop off into thousand foot steep vallies,being chased by a pack of dogs off the "road" onto an ATV trail where the car grinds its axle over broken concrete rocks the size of a 2 year old's head, then nearly getting stuck in a deep mud pit....all to visit mom for 5 hours longer than expected then having to rip my daughter from her at 11 at night so we can get back on the road and make up for lost driving time to be home by 3 pm the next day!!
It was horrible.The worst part was leaving- but it had to be done was seeing Sierra snuggled next to her Grammie in bed refusing to leave even at the threat of being left behind.It was watching mom unsuccessfully hold back tears saying good-bye and Sierra repeatedly saying "Grammie"- confused and eerily calm but obviously hurting.No one will ever believe I cried and that it probably hurt me more than both of them put together because I was the one needing to be firm and strong to get the job done.To be that I had to appear angry,calloused and rushed or else I could have easily been talked into staying the night into breakfast and possible lunch.
Everything ended up ok though-Sierra never cried, but fell asleep before we even left their driveway,mom eventually stopped crying and I did too.
The next day was my ob appt.I was roughly 15.5 weeks along which makes me just under 5 months now.My ultrasound is 6/8 and I'm DYING to know what gender I'm carrying.I gained 3 lbs.(big woo hoo!)I feel like I gained 30!.Everyone thinks I look thinner which is nice to hear, but I wonder how honest they're being.
I was recently blessed with a gorgeous toddler bed for sierra and a matching dresser with hidden changing table.A friend of my mom's was selling it for $150 , but after talking with her husband decided they wanted to give it to us free.They even drove it to our house from Smithville!Never heard of the place,so it must be really far.Sierra loves it.She's totally wrapped up in being a princess since we left Disney, so i got her Disney princess bedding for it.
not much else has happened since then.i was listening to the song below in the car on the way over here to the library.I love the 80's!(Don't u forget about me-the breakfast club)

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