Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday March 18, 2006

Well, john had his birthday on the 16th.i hope he had a good one.All he wanted was new socks.So I got him that and and a shirt and a cake.He got a $100 from his mom and grandmom.That's the least his mom can do for all the crap she puts him thru.i can't wait to move away from here!
I've been having a hard time with Sierra lately.I know-everyone says it's the age.But it's more than that.moms know  their kids.somethings up with her and I don't know what it is.She's just plain mean and rude and defiant.She's only decent when she gets what she wants and even then she's not always happy.I dunno.Maybe I'm just too used to her being so advanced that her being a "regular" 2 year old is shocking me, in a bad way.
i hope it doesn't last.
Can't wait for the warm(not hot) spring weather to kick in.Then we can be out more and not all bundled up.if anyone has ideas in mind to entertain a toddler that doesn't involve TV or movies,please let me know!
my two girls...Sierra and Brianna

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