Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday March 10, 2006

***forgot to paste March's entries, so here they are!***

Praise be to living God...I've got a home PC again!!!!I can't type too much right now due to the fact that I have to run out and pick up dinner...Chinese...yummy!!!
WE have a new puppy-Neo.We were told that he may part beagle...bull.Pit bull that is.As he's gotten bigger, he definitely has pit in him.He's a big dumb cutie pie!We gave Crystal away to a nice 92 yr old lady whose dog died.We had to give her away anyhow because she bit Sierra again, but apparently is an angel for her new owner.I would be too if i was a16 lb eating machine and was being fed rump roasts!
Well, I'll write more tonight when i get back,Peace out y'all!

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