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Saturday June 17, 2006

13 days and counting...
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I can hardly believe my little baby is gonna be 3 in 13 days!I know,I know.Technically that's still a baby.But if you knew her,she's really not.I've heard since the day they pulled her out of my tummy how gorgeous she is...and not trying to be a mom, but she really is.It's scary.i worry everyday that we have just walked past,talked to or smiled at some perv pedophile in scares me how if she waves or smiles at you and you say hi back,automatically you are a "really nice man/lady" in her eyes.i try to warn her not everyone who acknowledges you is nice,but I don't want her to be scared of the world either.I guess that's where her smarts will have to kick in and mature.
She's too smart too.She will warm up to you easily and hold  nearly full adult conversations with you if you can get past her helium voice.i had the pleasure of explaining feminine hygiene products to her when she asked what the lady was buying in Shoprite today.It was Kotex pads.Have you ever tried to explain periods and womanhood to a 2¾ year old?The funny thing is,i think she understood.She was happy to announce she doesn't have to get Kotex yet because she's a big girl,not a lady ye!
Kind.That is one of the best words for Sierra.She is sweet natured and kind-a mommy true to her heart.You should see the way she babies Brianna.That is her baby.Whenever someone stops to admire Sierra, instead of bashfully saying thank you to their gobs of syrupy compliments, she quickly turns the attention to how pretty"my baby brianna" is.She says this has she caresses Brianna's round cheeks and silky chocolate hair.i've never seen a child-or anyone for that matter-so excited and eager to help change a diaper,wrap it up and throw it away,get a knew one,give a bath to a baby or feed one.Everything i do she wants to help-care for the baby is her favorite, but also do dishes and take out trash and feed Neo and Salem(our dog and cat) and the laundry.Yesterday she carried the laundry basket(bigger than she) into the laundry room and emptied the dryer for me.i told her thank you so much for being a big helper, but she defiantly responded,"Sit down,Mommy.i'm not done helping yet."And with that she pushed the heavy loaded basket all the way back to the living room and began helping me fold it all away.
i love her innocense.The same day as above she asked why she can't hear jesus when she prays.I told her because He has such a little quiet and gentle voice for those he loves.She said,"Yes but i want to know he hears me."No amount of reassuring that He does hear her made her feel any,looking at my last birthday balloon i had an idea.i suggested we write Jesus a letter,tie it to a balloon and send it to Heaven.So we did.She told me what to write,and I did:"Dear Jesus,Thank you for my sister Brianna and my puppy and Salem-even though Neo's a bad boy.Thank you for mommy and Daddy.i love you.Come back soon.Love,Sierra".it brought tears to my eyes as I rolled it up and tied it to the balloon string,thankful it didn't weigh it down.We took it outside and counted to 3 and she let go of it screaming for Jesus to "look,I'm sending you a letter." it went all the way up over our house and into a thick mass of grey clouds where it disappeared and the "messenger angel got it and took it the rest of the way to Jesus.
The only problem now is,she wants the balloon back!

Happy Birthday,Sierra my love!

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