Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday December 6, 2004

This bites.
i'm back at the library.Don't know what's up with my pc(probably virus ridden)but I'm here again.
This week has been CRAZY!Friday Sierra was taken to the DR.'s and it was found she had her first ear infection- in both ears.And she never complained once, not even a fever.
Then yesterday (Sunday)we got home from church and a guy pulled up to our house while i ran inside to use the bathroom and John sat satout in the car with slepping Sierra.Apparently he needed John to call 911 because some lunatic 4 streets away was trying to kill some people with an axe!When we got down there,there 7 cops,a smashed mailbox an a possessed looking guy in the back of a squad car- but the craziest and scariest thing happened to me on SAturday.
It was one of those days where I was trying desperately to get out the door and John was no help with Sierra because he was trying to get ready for work, plus pack a change of clothes for an after work Christmas party he was going to.I was juggling looking for keys,shopping list,cellphone,making sure the cat didn't sneak out the door, keeping an eye on Sierra, grabbing her cup of juice, and snacks...She(Sierra) got out the door.I told her to play with our other cat who stays watched her [laying for a second then ran to go grab couplons.
When people say it only takes a second,they aren't kidding.i came right back and saw the gate to our yard wide open, no Sierra and a car coming down the street.I FREAKED!!!!i started screaming 4 her and then spotted the little pink puffball on top of her hat.She was in the middle of the road heading 4 houses down towards the beach!I dropped everything and screamed for her, running as fast as possible.Luckily, the car stopped and just sat there looking at us.
I scooped her up crying my eyes out and just rocking her.Looking back, she seemed so small and lost- kinda bewildered wandering around the road with no big hand to hold onto.She has always wanted to get out that gate and I usually have it tied up so she can't get out, but with everything on my mind-I forgot.i cried so hard for God to forgive me because as I let her play with the cat outside, i briefly was thinking,"Geez.Just go away and give me a minute to myself to think."In that minute, I almost lost my world.

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