Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday October 25, 2006

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I must be EXTREMELY strong for God to be putting so much on me.Strike that.Oh, i did.I meant to say for God to be entrusting me with so much.My mom's court hearing was yesterday, Brianna's birthday.It was a horrible day for me, whch is funny cause my 2 days with john were so amazing.
We went to church and visited his mom(which was surprisingly pleaseant,thanks to Sierra keeping her mouth zipped about WeeBunn).We went to dinner and rented movies and started Christmas shopping for the girls and watched movies at home snuggled in bed.Then Tuesday comes and I'm home alone baking a birthday cake with Sierra's help for Brianna.It was going well til mom called to tell me in short, that she needs me to call or email everyone she's ever known in NJ who likes her and ask them to write character reference letters for her.Only 2 people know her situation and now all of south Jersey knows.I'm beginning to see who her true friends are.I'm just glad I am the one to hear all the untrue friends' comments rather than her.It would hurt her so much.I got so worked up defending her and telling the story over and over and over...then Brianna cried half the dayShe screamed all during pictures of her little party after dinner,cried when we sang to her,cried when I gave her her present.Then i cried cause she was crying.Sierra was disobedient 90% of the day which was taxing on me and john comes home to the anxiety and madness and just blows up from all the noise.
We all apologized to each other and prayed before bed.He told Sierra a story while I sang and rocked Brianna to sleep.Thank God yesterday is over.
i better go start dinner before John gets home.We have 1 more movie to watch and i want the kids fed and calm and the house clean before our "DATE".

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