Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday November 3, 2004

Technically, I'm not watching this- John is.But I'm in the room in and out so I guess when I'm in I'm watching it too.
Currently I am watching Decision 2004.i'm praying as hard as I can that President Bush wins.But that's just me.
I had such a wonderful time yesterday.John had his day off and he wanted to, as he put it, just have fun with me.WE packed up Sierra and headed out to the mall at 9 or 10 am.WE spent the  whole day just walking around and talking...we even did a little shopping!I got some hair accessories and a new music cassette for Sierra.
We ended up having an early dinner in this Chinese restaurant that was as big as a warehouse.There were SO many selections of food...Tso Chicken,frog legs,veggie Lo mein, BBq ribs,mei fun,king snow crab legs,rock crab,french was all so GOOD!It cost $12.95 a person, Sierra was free.We made the most of our time there- I've never eaten so much in my life!Sierra even seemed to feel the need to get mommy and daddy's money's worth!Funny thing being, i sware to you we were hungry 1 1/2 hours later!
Sierra went to bed without to much of a fight and we got to have some special "mommy/daddy time".It was WONDERFUL!!!Some of you may know what I'm trying to imply<ahem>(Crystal....).Let's just say I have a very good chance of being preggie!!!
I'm probably not, but whatever it was that got into my husband I hope stays.i already have the names picked out if I were to be preggie-Johanthan Jayden for my son and Brianna Aaliyah for my other little girl.
WEll, I'd love to write more, but we're BUSHED!!!!!:)No pun intended...Seriuosly, we're gonna go finish watching the election in bed and then probably never get up  tomorrow morning!

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