Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday December 1, 2004

I feel like the world's worst mom.I've known since the day after Thanksgiving that Sierra had a cold, but like I always do, I took her with me on errands.It never seemed to bother her before.
So yesterday I took her to the park.When I was sick as a child, I never felt better than when I was out in the crisp autumn air- it cleared stuffy noses and dried runny ones.She had a blast- we went on the swings and slides and crawled thru tunnels and threw leaves.She wasn't overheated and seemed to actually being do better on the ride home and at dinner.
But whe I put her to bed she'd cry, fall asleep(normal),cry some more an fall asleep again(still normal).Then when John and I went in to bed she awok and began crying,  except now she screamed- almost panicked.Everytime she breathed out her nose ran and when she took deep breaths in she sounded so congested it sounded like she was on the verge of barking or hacking up a huge dry plug of something.I may take alot of things to heart more than John,that's why when he showed signs of concern I went into panic overdrive.
I never would call anyone after 10 pm if I could help it.But it's like I really didn't care about waking up her pediatrician-the way I see it the answering service is there for a reason and he could always refuse the call.I called him at 12:37 am-with no shame.
I ended up giving her medicine that should have knocked her out for days, but she fought through it off and on, finally slept till 6:58 am then we both got up for the day(not my choice!).
She seems a little better today-still runny but happy.Still, she seems kinda blah, ya know?Like she's only 50% there.John got her to nap for a half hour, and I;ve got her down now for abot 48 minutes.
...oops, correction.She's calling me.I better go see.

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